Out in the Streets with Ashley’s Back to Nature Day 2

Before I go any further with these blogs, I have to admit something I’m super embarassed about. The biggest sacrafice in keeping the wheels churning for the biz is having to temporarily live with my parents. More details in future blogs, but here’s a hint. My dad is a big time pervert.

Today I made 10 jars of  Rosehip Regenerating Face Serum and a few bottles of Whipped Creme Body Butter Lotion scented with Patchouli essential oil. Patchouli is something you either love or hate. A lot of people think if you wear patchouli, you smoke pot. It has to do with the fact that patchouli was BIG in the hippie movement, so that’s why. I happen to love Patchouli, it has a very earthy scent and yes, I was a partial hippie, still am.

My big excitement for the evening is watching Dexter while chomping on Pita Chips and Hershey’s Kisses. Hopefully get a good nites rest so I can go door to door tomorrow selling these wonderful, nourishing, healing skin care products. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Smiles and sweet dreams til next time.

Pamela Stanfield



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