Out in the Streets with Ashley’s Back to Nature Day 3

Another day in the life of Ashley’s Back to Nature, selling my handmade aromatherapy products.

Today, I did my least favorite thing to keep this biz alive… going door to door selling to businesses, like the Avon lady calling. Sometimes when I walk in with my products and begin to talk, people look at me like I’m an alien from planet hell. Their faces get all distorted and the hardest part for me is keeping a straight face and not forgetting my pitch. There have been a few times when the look on their faces was so disturbing, as if they were about to faint, I said “never mind” right in the middle of my presentation and walked out. I know, not professional, but it’s not like I’m selling heroin.

Fortunately, today I didn’t get any of the alien looks, but the day started out with more rejection than I like, but I didn’t give up. I kept going door to door until I finally started selling and ended up having a great day. Then I came home to a nice sized telephone order, so my day was complete.

I’m proud of myself for not letting the early rejections in the day make me want to quit and go home. I kept a positive attitude and it paid off. I hope you’ll do the same when you feel like giving up and just keep a ‘goin.

Smiles and sweet dreams til next time.

Pamela Stanfield



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