Out in the Streets with Ashley’s Back to Nature Day 21


My toes were so cold, I could barely walk. I set-up at Becker’s Flea Market again and did well considering the cold air and irritating wind blowing Ashley’s Back to Nature products all over the place.

Of course, I had the usual amount of people who don’t know how to say no ask me for a business card. When I tell them I don’t give out business cards, some people get offended, some even get mad. Too bad. I’ve never gotten one call from a business card. Either you like and want to buy my products or you don’t. My phone number is on all my labels that adorn my products.

One girl came to my table and her face looked like she painted it with orange paint. It always amazes me what people will do to try and look good. Do they know they look like freaks? I felt like offering orange face some of my Creamy and Moisturizing Face Cleanser.

Everything is all neatly put away, doing my daily blog and am just going to chill with the television. I wish I had a dog to keep me company. One day I will, but for now, I’m just with myself.

Smiles til the next post,

Pamela – http://www.ashleysbacktonature.com



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