Out in the Streets with Ashley’s Back to Nature Day 34

I’m  finding coming up with an interesting blog with a twist of humor everyday is forcing me to really use my brain. When I’m tired, like today, I can’t think. When I’m a grouch, like yesterday, my blogs sound somewhat morose. There are just days I don’t feel chatty, but I made a commitment to blog every day how I’m going to grow this aromatherapy biz and I try hard to be a lady of my word.

Today I noticed my Healing Bath, Feet & Shower Salts scented with lavender essential oil smelled flat, so I added a little more lavender and decided to mix in some peppermint. The combination came out smelling much more appealing. I will never try and sell a product I’m not happy with the final results. The nice thing about peppermint essential oil is it makes your body tingle and feel more alive. After adding the peppermint, I had to redo the label. I made a few more Whipped Creme Body Butter Lotions, my biggest seller, although my Rosehip Regenerating Face Serum is becoming a close second. Yeah hoo!

I’m still experimenting with creating a perfume oil that people will get excited about when they take a whiff and have to buy a bottle. I use jojoba oil as my carrier oil. I would never use alcohol since it dries out the skin. Jojoba oil won’t go rancid, so it has a long shelf life, it’s super nourishing for the skin and loaded with anti-oxidants that fight free radicals. I mixed at least six citrus oils along with some lavender, eucalyptus and peppermint, but there’s still something missing in the perfume. I’ll keep trying until I hit the jackpot.

After making more products and printing more labels, I put all my babies in my purple carrying case for a show tomorrow. That way I can sleep an extra 20 mintues. It’s Christmas eve, so I’m hoping there will be last minute shoppers where I set up in Murphy, NC.

After finishing my biz duties,  it was time to take a nice warm bath with my Healing Bath, Feet & Shower Salts. They relax my tired, achy muscles, improve my circulation, calm my nervous system while taking toxins out through the pores of my skin. I feel better now, ready to chill with the latest Woody Allen film, Midnight in Paris.

Hope everybody is getting ready for a nice Christmas with friends and loved ones.

Smiles til my next post,

Pamela – http://www.ashleysbacktonature.com


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