Out in the Streets with Ashley’s Back to Nature Day 48


I had an abundance of fun out in the streets selling Ashley’s Back to Nature natural and organic aromatherapy products today. The weather was exceptionally nice for this time of year, around 60 degrees and the sun was shining, no dreary clouds. People were in good moods. My energy level was high, so that always helps me sell better. When I’m tired, I don’t sell as well because I can’t think on my feet and my low energy comes across as bland.

It was well worth my 52 mile round-trip drive to Murphy, NC. I gained ten new clients/friends and one new wholesale account. My roll-on perfume oils are selling very well. I sold twenty 1/3 oz. bottles today, such as Peace & Tranquility with lemon, lime, blood orange, pink grapefruit & eucalyptus oils… Patchouli… Lavender… and Stress Relief with lavender & peppermint. One lady purchased 12 bottles. My perfume oils contain no alcohol which dries out your skin. I use either jojoba or sweet almond oil for the carrier oil in my perfumes. They nourish your skin and the essential oils make you smell like a breathe of fresh air.

I came home, checked out all my jars and bottles to make sure the labels were still in good order, a few will have to be replaced. I wish the labels weren’t such a challenge with the scrapes and smudge marks that happen in my travels. One day I will resolve this issue because my products have to be perfect on the inside and out when I hand them over to my clients/friends.

Smiles til my next post,

Pamela  –  http://www.ashleysbacktonature.com


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