Hello Everyone,

After working for corporate America for too many very dark years, I finally realized enough is enough and started my own biz, Ashley’s Back to Nature in 2005. I was inspired by my daughter Ashley.

While working for corporate America, I grew exhausted and depressed from working around bullies, a lot of them slackers who were cruel to nice people like myself, probably because we were/are good at our jobs and they feel/felt threatened due to their own insecurities. My sensitive soul bounced from job to job to job, trying to find peace and balance in the work place, getting out from under all those heavy fluorescent lights, loud noise, nasty gossip, awful backstabbing and idiot bosses. I never found that job.

The purpose of this blog is to take you on my journey as I grow Ashley’s Back to Nature and maybe inspire a few of you to start your own business. In other words, we can grow together. One of the things I have to do to get my products out in the market is jump out of my comfort zone going door to door selling to businesses, like the Avon Lady. I also set-up at markets to sell my goods. I want to take you on my journey out into the streets, because lots of interesting, funny things happen and of course there are the many challenges that occur.

I put in a lot more than 40 hours per week and I never know how much money I’m going to make, but it’s much better than being surrounded by people who just don’t have a clue. I hand make aromatherapy products that are mostly natural and organic, safe for people, pets and the environment. I use pure essential oils that are gifts from nature. I prefer putting nature on my skin as opposed to synthetic chemicals that end up in my blood stream.

I make products such as: Whipped Creme Body Butter Lotion, KureAll Skin Balm, Regenerating Face Serum, Smooth as Silk Face Moisturizer, Healing Bath, Feet and Shower Salts and more. My aim is to keep it simple, affordable and safe. Unlike many other companies, I don’t offer 10 different moisturizers for you to pick from, I only offer one because that’s all you need. My products make you feel pampered and they nourish and heal.

I’d love to say I’ve got 202 employees working for me, but the truth is…. I’m a one woman operation for the time being.

As Ashley’s Back to Nature blossoms, my aim is to give back to our society, creating jobs for people who care about our planet and take pride in their work, therefore, receiving a respectful salary with healthy benefits and made to feel like they are more than just a body. I will create a working atmosphere where bullying will not be tolerated and we all work together in harmony and balance. I realize this will not be as easy as it sounds, but it’s possible.

There are so many charitable organizations I want to be involved with, like teaching people how to be respectful to our environment, helping battered women and children, the hungry,  homeless, animals…. the list goes on and on.

I’m excited about taking some of you on my day to day journey with Ashley’s Back to Nature. I hope to make you laugh, cry and look forward to your comments and feedback. We can all learn together.

Smiles you way,

Pamela Stanfield – http://www.ashleysbacktonature.com


6 thoughts on “About

  1. I think that wealth is measured by creating jobs and giving people the freedom to provide for themselves. There has never been a better time to go into business for yourself thanks to the cyber market. Now all you have to do is continue to get yourself out there and hopefully as you grow you can delegate and stimulate the economy one butterfly-wing-flap at a time!

  2. I completely identify with your statement: ” My sensitive soul bounced from job to job to job, trying to find peace and balance in the work place”.

    I am pleased to see you had the courage to follow your instincts and are now working on something you are passionate about. From one entrepreneur to another, the best of luck and may 2012 be a good year!


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