Out in the Streets with Ashley’s Back to Nature Day 46

Finally, after the long holidays I was able to get back out in the streets to sell my aromatherapy products that uplift the spirits. I acquired six new customers going door to door to businesses. I sell like the Avon Lady to people on an individual basis, except my products are freshly made and mostly natural and organic.

I sold two bottles of my newly created “Get Rid of Germs” spray with eucalyptus, tea tree and rosemary essential oils that disinfect, so that perked up my spirits. My oils were popular today, especially the “Breathe Easy” for stuffy noses and the “Pink Grapefruit Happy Perfume Oil.”  No alcohols in my perfumes, instead… sweet almond or jojoba oil, full of vitamins and anti-oxidants that nourish your skin along with my exquisite essential oils.

It’s always rewarding for me when I leave a place of business and my customers are happy and smiling because of their new purchases from the Aromatherapy Lady Calling. I truly believe essential oils have a mysterious way to pickup up your spirits without you even knowing what’s happening.

I know you’ll think I’m weird, but every single jar or bottle of aromatherapy products I make are like my little babies. I search for a good home to put them in where they will be loved and appreciated. You’re right, I am a little on the bizarre side, but this definitely beats working for ugly corporate America where they train you to lie, cheat and steal with a big fat smile on your face.

Smiles (the real kind) til my next post,

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Out in the Streets with Ashley’s Back to Nature Day 45


It’s freezing cold up here in the North Georgia Mountains, the coldest day of this winter so far. Tomorrow when I finally hit the streets again, I will have to bundle up in warm clothing and make sure to take my “Breathe Easy” along for the ride to keep the sniffles away.

Today I took photos of my aromatherapy “First Aid Kit for the Winter,” adding my “Get Rid of Germs” spray to the kit (above photo.) The complete kit is $39, a savings of $11 buying all five pieces together. Every item in the kit has something wonderful to offer and can help chase away some of the winter blues. I use pure essential oils in all the products and they are loaded with vitamins, flower extracts and anti-oxidants that fight nasty free radicals. Everything in the kit nourishes, protects and heals your skin from face to feet.

Today I mailed out my $100 aromatherapy order to Pennsylvania, a gift for two ladies from my ex-boyfriend Michael. I’m sure they will be happy with their Ashley’s Back to Nature aromatherapy products. It was a nice gesture on Michael’s part.

UPS picked up the laser printer today. The fellow over the telephone told me it would be around a month before I’d receive my check for the returned printer, yet when I purchased it from Office Depot, the $254 was immediately deducted from my debit card. I understand they have to get the printer back in good order before issuing me a refund, but a month, come on. That’s corporate America for you. They’ll take you for every cent they can if you let them.

Now it’s time for me to go run some warm bath water to take a bath in my “Healing Bath, Feet and Shower Salts” scented with Peppermint and Pine. I’ll spray some Rosemary on top of the bath water and just sit for a few minutes to relax my tired, achy muscles, relax my nervous system and take some of the toxins from my skin cells.

When I get out from the relaxing bath, I’ll put on my “Whipped Creme Body Butter Lotion” to nourish and feed my skin and smell delicious. Then I’ll apply some “Rosehip Face Serum” and “Smooth as Slik Face Moisturizer” to nourish my face with vitamins. flower extracts and anti-oxidants that help fight the aging process. What more can a girl ask for?

Smiles til my next post,

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Out in the Streets with Ashley’s Back to Nature Day 44


Today I came up with another product to add to my aromatherapy “First Aid Kit for the Winter.” It’s  called “Get Rid of Germs.” It’s a disinfectant with tea tree and eucalyptus oils and will come in a 4 oz cobalt blue spray container for $8. You can spray the air if someone coughs or sneezes in your space, spray and wipe door knobs and anything else that may have contact with germs.

I’m anxious to hit the streets and start selling again which won’t be until Wednesday. Tomorrow will be the first day back at work for a lot of people, so they will be stressed trying to play catch up and in bad moods since they’re back at work after having a lot of time off. I also have to take care of a car issue, but Wednesday….. watch out because here I come.

I did get a $100 order today over the telephone, so that makes me feel perky. I have a good feeling 2012 is going to be a great year for Ashley’s Back to Nature. I’m looking forward to giving back some of what I make to people in need.

Laser Printer #3 waiting to be picked up by UPS, the third printer in a month. My labels are still smearing, so I’ll have to make do with my inkjet printer until I figure out a solution. I’m determined to have perfect labels for my fabulous products. Is there anyone out there who can guide me as to the most economical way to print my labels without them smudging or smearing? I can’t afford to have them printed professionally, especially since I have so many products with various scents.

Smiles til my next post.

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Out in the Streets with Ashley’s Back to Nature Day 43

As much as I dislike corporate America, one of the advantages is you get paid for holidays. If you’re like myself and you worked mostly on commission, the pay wasn’t too great, but at least you knew there was some money coming in. Being self-employed and not able to hit the streets selling because of the holidays has me anxious. I don’t like it when there is no cash flow coming in, just going out. It makes me feel like I’m getting behind and when I do finally hit the streets again, I have to be real careful not to appear desperate because people can smell urgency.

I went out looking today for nice containers to market my aromatherapy “First Aid Kit for the Winter.” Nothing. I came home and made a batch of “Whipped Creme Body Butter Lotion” and “Smooth as Silk Face Moisturizer (above photo).” When I went to do the labels, the agony started again with my new laser printer not wanting to work. I’m probably going to have to take this printer back and start from square zero again.

Looking forward to the day when I can hire someone to help me with the petty things that take up so much of my time and keep me spinning  my wheels.

Smiles til my next post,

Pamela  –  http://www.ashleysbacktonature.com

Out in the Streets with Ashley’s Back to Nature Day 42

Have a Fun and Safe New Years Eve!

My party was putting labels on my “Rosehip Face Serum” and “Peace & Tranquility Perfume Oil.” The labels gave me a hard time, but I kept going until they were perfect. I was delighted to be able to put an image of a rosehip seed flower on the top of my serum jar.  People like images  and will be more drawn to the serum because of the the pretty photo. Yee hii!

Whenever I set up at shows to sell my natural and organic aromatherapy skincare products, The first thing most people ask me about is the “KureAll Skin Balm” because of the golden color of the balm (photo above). When I tell them what all the balm does, a good majority of them buy. A 1/2 oz. jar  is only $5 and will last a long time. It’s great for so many skin disorders, especially itchy, chapped skin. It’s been a life saver for me. It will be a household name one day.

Today while I was talking with an ex-boyfriend of over 20 years ago, Michael, I made a big jar of “Healing Bath, Feet and Shower Salts” scented with peppermint and pine essential oils. The salts contain 84 trace minerals that take toxins from your skin, relax the nervous system, improve circulation, among other things while your laying in a tub of warm water. You can also soak your feet, helps bring down swelling or you can exfoliate dry, dead skin in the shower. The salts are very healing.

I searched from some nice boxes to put my aromatherapy “First Aid Kit for the Winter” that will greatly help with dry, itchy, chapped skin… found nothing. Will continue searching.

Need to get out and make some sales next week since this past week I didn’t hit the streets. A lot of businesses are closed until January 3rd. Instead of making money, I spent money on my laser printer that’s suppose to print labels that won’t smudge or smear. We’ll see.

Smiles til my next post,

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Out in the Streets with Ashley’s Back to Nature Day 41

ImageNot much happened with the biz today. I’m being lazy, although I have guilt for doing so. I don’t know how to allow myself time out without that voice inside my head that says I need to be working, producing, making money, coming up with new ideas. Wish I knew how to turn that voice on off so I could enjoy some rest and maybe have some fun.

The end of the year is just too quiet for me. A lot of businesses are completely shut down until January 3rd. The world seems to stop from Thanksgiving until the new year every year. Wonder why that is?

Smiles til my next post,

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Out in the Streets with Ashley’s Back to Nature Day 40


Maybe, just maybe, my label problem is resolved as far as the smearing and smudging goes. I still have the task of creating the ad copy, printing and putting the labels on all the jars and bottles, but if the smearing and smudging problem is resolved, I’ll be very relieved and less uptight. I’m looking forward to the day when I can hire someone to do this for Ashley’s Back to Nature.

When I called Hewlitt Packard this morning to see if we could fix the smearing/smudging label issue, I felt as if I was talking with Howard on the Andy Griffith Show. His voice was very boring and he was slow, but towards the end of our issue, I felt his personality coming alive. He started out making me yawn and ended up putting a smile on my face, so it was a good technical call experience for us both.

One thing I can be sure of… there will always be issues to resolve in running a business. My challenge is learning to be more patient and hanging tight until I can fix the issue without over reacting.

I created a new perfume oil today, “Peace and Tranquility.” It’s enriched with the essential oils of lavender, lemon, blood orange and eucalyptus. The carrier oil is sweet almond oil which is rich in vitamins and proteins. There is no alcohol to dry out your skin in my perfumes, only nourishing essential and carrier oils that nourish your skin.

My Rosehip Regenerating Face Serum is selling well, so I made another fifteen jars today. I can see a positive difference in my skin since using the serum. The flab on my face is now firm and my skin just looks better.

I’m really looking forward to 2011 ending and the beginning of 2012. I’ve got a lot to accomplish.

Smiles til my next post,

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