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Out in the Streets with Ashley’s Back to Nature Day 50


Wow, my 50th day blogging about Ashley’s Back to Nature natural and organic aromatherapy skincare products. My aim here with this daily blog is to let you know the ups and downs of running your own business and hopefully make people laugh out loud and maybe even learn a thing or two from my experiences. I’m also open to learning from you.

Today I made more bottles of  “Peace and Tranquility Perfume Oil” with bergamot, lemon, lime, blood orange, white grapefruit and eucalyptus essential oils. I used sweet almond oil as the carrier oil. It smells so refreshing and uplifting. I want to locate some exotic perfume bottles like one of the smart ladies I met here on this site, http://www.theperfumegarden.org. Her bottles are so enchanting, I like the scent before I can even smell what’s inside.

Out of all the products I make, I enjoy making the perfume oils the best. Probably because I become so captivated by the smells of the essential oils. It’s like a spiritual experience for me. At night when I’m chilling in front of the TV, I rub some of these essential oils on my feet, hands and pulse points and it’s intoxicating. I feel so lucky to have discovered essential oils.

Smiles til my next post,

Pamela  –  http://www.ashleysbacktonature.com


Out in the Streets with Ashley’s Back to Nature Day 49

I headed back out to Murphy, NC this morning to set up at Beckers Flea Market to sell my natural and organic aromatherapy products. The foot traffic was low, but that’s to be expected in the winter. I didn’t sell anything within the first two hours, but fortunately I had a nice big order and a medium size order in the third hour, so it was worth my time and gas. Plus, I got to see the cows grazing on grass on part of the scenic drive and they make me feel at peace. I love cows, they are so mellow. I don’t like to think about them becoming a hamburger.

All in all, a good week. I gathered 20 new customers in three days of selling. Making new clients/friends through products that nourish, protect and heal is a valuable experience and I don’t just mean money wise.

I had to order a lot of supplies this week, but as the old saying goes, “you’ve got to spend money to make money.” Trying out some new essential oils. Can’t wait til they arrive.

I’m itching to come up with a new aromatherapy product. Maybe I will dream about it tonight. I sometimes get ideas in dreamland. Hey, maybe I can make a sweet dreams spray or oil to chase away the nitemares.

Smiles til my next post,

Pamela  –  http://www.ashleysbacktonature.com

Out in the Streets with Ashley’s Back to Nature Day 47


Today was not a money making day, but I did prepare for the coming days ahead. I ordered a good supply of essential oils from http://www.wellingtonfragrance.com. They supply 100% pure essential oils and I’m always pleased with their quality. I wanted to order some jasmine and chamomile, but we’re talking around $40-50 for a 1/2 oz bottle and that’s wholesale, so I had to decline for now.

In order for me to keep my prices affordable in a still shaky economy, I’ll stick with eucalyptus, peppermint, spearmint, lavender, lemon, lime, blood orange, patchouli, white grapefruit, pink grapefruit, bergamot, rose, rosemary, clove and tea tree essential oils. They are all gems in their healing properties and in the way they uplift the spirits.

I received my order of jars and bottles from http://www.specialtybottles.com, so they were all put away in their special place. I like their customer service and the quality of their products, so they are my number one supplier of my containers to put my babies inside.

Next, I loaded my purple carrying case with Ashley’s Back to Nature aromatherapy products so I can drum up some new accounts/friends tomorrow and uplift some more spirits. That’s the fun part about this job.

Smiles til my next post,

Pamela  –  http://www.ashleysbacktonature.com

Out in the Streets with Ashley’s Back to Nature Day 40


Maybe, just maybe, my label problem is resolved as far as the smearing and smudging goes. I still have the task of creating the ad copy, printing and putting the labels on all the jars and bottles, but if the smearing and smudging problem is resolved, I’ll be very relieved and less uptight. I’m looking forward to the day when I can hire someone to do this for Ashley’s Back to Nature.

When I called Hewlitt Packard this morning to see if we could fix the smearing/smudging label issue, I felt as if I was talking with Howard on the Andy Griffith Show. His voice was very boring and he was slow, but towards the end of our issue, I felt his personality coming alive. He started out making me yawn and ended up putting a smile on my face, so it was a good technical call experience for us both.

One thing I can be sure of… there will always be issues to resolve in running a business. My challenge is learning to be more patient and hanging tight until I can fix the issue without over reacting.

I created a new perfume oil today, “Peace and Tranquility.” It’s enriched with the essential oils of lavender, lemon, blood orange and eucalyptus. The carrier oil is sweet almond oil which is rich in vitamins and proteins. There is no alcohol to dry out your skin in my perfumes, only nourishing essential and carrier oils that nourish your skin.

My Rosehip Regenerating Face Serum is selling well, so I made another fifteen jars today. I can see a positive difference in my skin since using the serum. The flab on my face is now firm and my skin just looks better.

I’m really looking forward to 2011 ending and the beginning of 2012. I’ve got a lot to accomplish.

Smiles til my next post,

Pamela  –  http://www.ashleysbacktonature.com

Out in the Streets with Ashley’s Back to Nature Day 34

I’m  finding coming up with an interesting blog with a twist of humor everyday is forcing me to really use my brain. When I’m tired, like today, I can’t think. When I’m a grouch, like yesterday, my blogs sound somewhat morose. There are just days I don’t feel chatty, but I made a commitment to blog every day how I’m going to grow this aromatherapy biz and I try hard to be a lady of my word.

Today I noticed my Healing Bath, Feet & Shower Salts scented with lavender essential oil smelled flat, so I added a little more lavender and decided to mix in some peppermint. The combination came out smelling much more appealing. I will never try and sell a product I’m not happy with the final results. The nice thing about peppermint essential oil is it makes your body tingle and feel more alive. After adding the peppermint, I had to redo the label. I made a few more Whipped Creme Body Butter Lotions, my biggest seller, although my Rosehip Regenerating Face Serum is becoming a close second. Yeah hoo!

I’m still experimenting with creating a perfume oil that people will get excited about when they take a whiff and have to buy a bottle. I use jojoba oil as my carrier oil. I would never use alcohol since it dries out the skin. Jojoba oil won’t go rancid, so it has a long shelf life, it’s super nourishing for the skin and loaded with anti-oxidants that fight free radicals. I mixed at least six citrus oils along with some lavender, eucalyptus and peppermint, but there’s still something missing in the perfume. I’ll keep trying until I hit the jackpot.

After making more products and printing more labels, I put all my babies in my purple carrying case for a show tomorrow. That way I can sleep an extra 20 mintues. It’s Christmas eve, so I’m hoping there will be last minute shoppers where I set up in Murphy, NC.

After finishing my biz duties,  it was time to take a nice warm bath with my Healing Bath, Feet & Shower Salts. They relax my tired, achy muscles, improve my circulation, calm my nervous system while taking toxins out through the pores of my skin. I feel better now, ready to chill with the latest Woody Allen film, Midnight in Paris.

Hope everybody is getting ready for a nice Christmas with friends and loved ones.

Smiles til my next post,

Pamela – http://www.ashleysbacktonature.com

Out in the Streets with Ashley’s Back to Nature Day 28


I’ve got to snap out of this and make something happen fast. I’m in day number three here at the Ramada Inn without my essential oils to give me peace and comfort, not to mention the expense. I’ve had to sell at least 30 bottles and jars of my products to pay for this room and buy food.

I so badly want to take a bath in my “Healing Bath, Feet & Shower Salts” to calm down my central nervous system. I did manage to grab a bottle of my perfume oil, so I sprinkled these lovely essential oils with jojoba oil into the warm bath water and sat for a few minutes. That’s the great thing about most of my products, you can use them in various ways.

I’ve been researching how to get traffic to my website, so time consuming and a lot of the verbage goes over my head since my brain isn’t technical oriented. I need to research how to get traffic to wordpress.com because I’m not getting many views here. I’ll keep posting everyday the things going on in the life of Ashley’s Back to Nature til my time is up.

What does one write about to capture an audience? One would think writing about products that nourish, heal and make you feel better in an uptight world would be interesting, not the case so far, but I’m not giving up.

The best thing I can do is stay positive and continue trying my best to make the world a better place making Ashley’s Back to Nature products that protect, nourish and heal.

Smiles til my next post,

Pamela – http://www.ashleysbacktonature.com

Out in the Streets with Ashley’s Back to Nature Day 25


Today I headed to Helen, GA to sell my handcrafted Ashley’s Back to Nature aromatherapy products. It was pretty quiet in Helen, but I did manage to sell enough to make it worth my while.

It’s amazing the skin disorders people will show me when I pull out and start talking about my KureAll Skin Balm that heals so many various skin disorders. Sometimes I’m compelled to cover my eyes because of how painful it looks on their skin. I can feel their pain. I always put a dab of the KureAll onto their fingertips for them to rub on their affected area/s.

I sold a Breathe Easy Kit today which included a Eucalyptus Air Freshener, Healing Bath, Feet & Shower Salts scented with eucalyptus and a Breathe Easy oil which clears stuffiness and is scented with eucalyptus and peppermint. The eucalyptus will open up your nasal passages, so it comes in handy when you’re having a hard time breathing. I sold a few more Whipped Creme Body Butter Lotions, some KureAll Skin Balms and a Pick-Me-Up Energizer & Headache relief with peppermint and lavender essential oils.

I stopped off at Betty’s Country store and purchased some fried green peas to snack on while I watch the X Factor tonight. I want to watch the Barbara Walters special, but I may boycott Barbara since she’s interviewing the Kardashians. I think they are such a disgrace to the human race and set a horrible example to teenagers.

I took this photo tonight as the sun was setting.

Smiles til the next post,

Pamela – http://www.ashleysbacktonature.com